About us

Stech Company is an investment and advisory firm focused on technology, energy, renewables, and high growth innovative businesses. Our team is experienced in data and financially-driven assessment, performance improvement, and development strategies, thereby driving value creation for our investors and clients.

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Corporate Finance and M&A

Stech provides corporate finance and M&A advice for companies specialized in technology, (renewable) energy, and high growth innovative businesses such as those in software, internet, digital media, e...

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Fundraising and Private Placement

Stech is well-positioned to aid high-growth businesses and SME companies to raise capital. Our team has the expertise of comprehending what investors and banks are looking for when presented with new ...

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Strategy and Due Diligence

Stech assists management and shareholders in defining or adjusting business strategy to improve financial performance and long-term shareholder value. By drilling down to the essential value drivers o...

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JA Solar cells top 20% conversion efficiency


JA Solar cells top 20% conversion efficiency Chinese solar cell producer JA Solar’s new p-type mono-crystalline silicon (‘mono-Si’) solar cells […]

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